We have 4 areas for communications:
                    Bulletin Coordinator
                    Colleen Cardwell
                    Eric Rauch
                    Colleen Cardwell
                    John Fecco
St. Joseph Council of Catholic Women has been affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women since the early 1950s. Through the years, the Council has accomplished much for the local parish and the community, as well as participating in many national and international projects.
There are several different options for your Bible Study:
                    Studies Inspired by Ruth
                    Hosted by Dennis and Judy Curtin
                    A Biblical Walk with Mary
                    Hosted by Charlene MacDonald
                    A Biblical Walk with Mary
                    Hosted by Beverly Froning
                    Psalms: The School of Prayer
                    Hosted by Lucy Brown
Our church was built with growth in mind, and growing, we are.  We have already completed phase one of the building expansion which was to add a choir section as well as more pew seating.  Feel free to visit the Expansion page to see our future.
Our church and its grounds are just beautiful!  But they don't stay that way on their own.  If you want to give Mike Ferkany a helping hand, send him a message by clicking the button to the left.
The Cursillo focuses on showing Christian lay people how to become effective Christian leaders.  Hosted by Dick and Gail Shriver.
The Liturgy Committee is led by Margaret Donaldson, but she can always use help.  Send her a message for any concerns or questions you may have.
The men at St. Joe's like to get together for fellowship and bonding, over a good meal and maybe some games.  Reach out to George Miceli and join the fun!
The Youth ministry is so important to the future of not only St. Joe's parish but the Catholic Church as a whole.  There is so much to say that they have a whole page dedicated to them.  Click and see what's going on with our future Catholic leaders.


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St. Joseph Catholic Community strives to strengthen the Kingdom of God through our worship, service to others, spiritual growth and evangelization. We are a family-oriented, welcoming community, with Christ as our focus. We participate with and support the greater community in works that encourage strong families and community development. Our growing family includes all age groups, caring for each other's needs.

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