The various ministries of this group provide opportunities for each person to grow in faith, please God and fulfill their own lives, both as an individual and in Community.


The Rite of Christian Initiative of Adults and prepares adults and older youth to be received into the Roman Catholic Church through Baptism or Profession of Faith.  Sessions run from Labor Day until Easter Sunday.


The goals of our youth religious formation is threefold: To help youth develop a close personal relationship to Jesus; to provide moral principles that will lead youth to respect their own bodies as temples of God and all forms of life born and unborn; and to instill the realization that one must accept the consequences of their actions. Volunteer teachers and substitutes are always welcome.  Kindergarten through 8th grade.


The goals of the Youth Education are the same as CCD for 9th through 12th grades.

Additionally, for the following Sacraments:


The Church provides two sessions of instruction for parents and Godparents who are presenting their child, age 7 or younger for the Sacrament of Baptism.


Religious instruction is given through the parish's CCD class.


This year, St. Joseph will be initiaiting two distinct, age appropriate Confirmandi classes: 


       Grades 5-8 - 


       Grade 9-12 - 


Marriage Preparation Guidelines link.

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St. Joseph Catholic Community strives to strengthen the Kingdom of God through our worship, service to others, spiritual growth and evangelization. We are a family-oriented, welcoming community, with Christ as our focus. We participate with and support the greater community in works that encourage strong families and community development. Our growing family includes all age groups, caring for each other's needs.

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