Columbarium -(SITE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - please contact Jim Ferguson at



For further information regarding the columbarium please contact the office at either

St. Joseph (865 494-7746) or St. Therese (865 457-4073) Catholic Churches. 


You may also contact any of the members of our Board of Directors listed below:

Eric Rauch:               865 223-9788

Jim Ferguson:         865 494-8081

Maureen Bounds:   865 938-8665

St. Joseph / St. Therese Columbarium Application

The above named acknowledges payment of $2,200.00 (two-thousand two hundred dollars) as payment-in-full for access to a niche in the St. Joseph / St. Therese Columbarium including the memorial plate.  The niche will accomodate the cremated remains of one or two persons.  One urn will be supplied for the ashes of each person inurned in the niche.

It is understood that by executing this request and making payment in full of the subscription fee the subscriber(s) acknowledges/acknowledge and accept the policies and regulations set forth in the attached document: St. Joseph / St. Therese Catholic Church Columbarium Policies and Regulations.

The St. Joseph / St. Therese Columbarium Board assumes no responsibility or obligation for the cremation of the subscriber(s).  Such arrangements must be made between the subscriber and/or his/her estate representative with a funeral director of choice.

Thanks for submitting!