These ministries assure the planning, preparation, and coordination of many aspects of worship.  Their goal is to enhance the prayer life of the parish by providing meaningful liturgical support that is uplifting, enriching and sacred.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:


Eucharstic Ministers

Lectors / Readers

Altar Servers

Altar Linens / Decor

Ushers & Greeters

Spiritual Life


The duties of this group are to support audio and written communications as needed or required to keep parishioners informed of events; Maintaining sound system within the Church so all attending services are included in the Liturgy.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:


Audio / Visual Systems

Webpage Maintenance


The administrative aspect of the Parish is to provide for the physical, financial and tangible needs of the Parish and to ensure efficient operations.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:



Stewardship Support


Long Range Planning

Building Maintenance


The various ministries of this group provide opportunities for each person to grow in faith, please God and fulfill their own lives, both as an individual and in Community.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:

Baptism Preparation

First Communion Preparation

Confirmation Preparation

Marriage Preparation


Religious Education (CCD)

                                                                                                   -  Kindergarten - 8th Grade

                                                                                                                -  Youth 9th - 12th Grade



These ministries have a twofold purpose:  First, to foster the family spirit of St. Joseph by providing activities and events that bring the parish together for fun and social times in the spirit of our Christian commitment; Second, to provide Parish sponsored service to the community at-large and needs of the world.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:

Council of Catholic Women (CCW)

Men’s Club

Senior Moments

Garden Maintenance



Corporal works of mercy (feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick, visit the imprisoned, bury the dead) are first and foremost the hallmark of this ministry.  In both the simple and complex affairs the goal is the same, uplifting the human person, child of God in the environment where they are found.

Ministries within this Committee are as follows:

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Community Garden

Men’s Club & CCW

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St. Joseph Catholic Community strives to strengthen the Kingdom of God through our worship, service to others, spiritual growth and evangelization. We are a family-oriented, welcoming community, with Christ as our focus. We participate with and support the greater community in works that encourage strong families and community development. Our growing family includes all age groups, caring for each other's needs.

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