Key Points

The schematic drawing is not the final design. It is a concept put together from all the info provided by the congregation thru the sub-teams during the “needs” gathering phase of the project. Includes essentially everything submitted to my Team by Sub-Teams. 

  • Big Kitchen

  • More storage

  • More office space and meeting rooms

  • Parish Life Center seating for 300+ people and 300 for sanctuary

  • Changes to the current building make it dedicated place of worship

  • Satisfied needs for at least 20+ years for our children and grandchildren to use

Team Leader                    Bill Donaldson

Vice Team Leader            George Miceli

Finance                             Eric Rauch

Facilities                           Judy Curtin

Building Expansion          Audrey Knudsen

Building Maintenance      Mike Ferkany

Spiritual Leader               Fr. Julius Abuh

Spiritual Leader               Deacon D. Hosford

Building Committee Final Report     

Building Committee Report September 23, 2012