Due to inclement weather, Adoration for tonight, February 20, 2020, has been canceled. Stay in, stay safe and stay warm and we will see you on Sunday.

Discovering St. Joseph

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Norris TN, as a happy faith community, welcomes you with joyful hearts to our worship this Sunday.


Celebrate the gift of life with us, whether newly arrived or longtime registered members. In any way we can help you, please do not hesitate to ask us. If you are not registered but wish to belong to this happy family, just ask one of the ushers after Mass or please stop by the parish office to pick up a registration form, call us at (865) 494-7746, or inquire by EMAIL

Discovering Catholicism

There is a human desire deep within each of us to know truth.  As seekers of truth we welcome you here to the St. Joseph web site.  We ask you to join us on the journey of truth in asking the question “Why Catholic?”


Grace and blessings,


Come join us in the Social Hall after Mass this Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020 and learn to make palm crosses. It is a simple process, and all are welcome.


Masses for Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020


St Joseph             7:00.p.m.             with Msgr. Gahagan

St Therese           8:30 a.m.             with Fr. Richard

St Therese           7:00p.m.              with Fr. Richard


A Second Collection will be held on Ash Wednesday for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.


Church calendar and events: The up to the minute calendar is available on the St Joseph Website https://www.sjnorris.org/ there is also a new calendar printed every Thursday and placed on the Office Bulletin Board. If you are interested in reserving the Church, Social Hall or Youth Building you must e-mail your request or complete the form on the Office Bulletin Board and give it to the office. Upon receipt of the request you will be notified that your function is either placed on the calendar or if an alternate date will be needed.


Please help us celebrate 100 years of NCCW on March 1st.  We would like everyone to bring 100 something to church on Sunday. 100 cents or 100 nickels etc. to help someone become a nun or 100 Cheerios or 100 of anything you’d like to eat for brunch. There will be 100 pieces of cake to be served!  Have fun and be creative. Enjoy brunch and our special speaker. 


February 28th will begin our soup suppers and Station of the Cross.  At 6pm a lovely dinner of soup will be available followed at 7pm by Stations of the Cross. This will occur every Friday throughout Lent. Please make plans to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone there.


The next Prayer Shawl/Comfort Blanket gathering will be on February 29th at 10am. All are welcome. The Ministry offers Prayer Squares. Prayer Shawls and Comfort Blankets for babies, youth and adults. Items are available for all those wanting to experience the Lord’s healing, love, peace, comfort and guidance.

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Mission Statement

St. Joseph Catholic Community strives to strengthen the Kingdom of God through our worship, service to others, spiritual growth and evangelization. We are a family-oriented, welcoming community, with Christ as our focus. We participate with and support the greater community in works that encourage strong families and community development. Our growing family includes all age groups, caring for each other's needs.



St. Joseph - Norris


   9:00 a.m. - Mass


   8:45 a.m. - Liturgy of the hours

   9:00 a.m. - Mass


   8:45 a.m. - Liturgy of the hours

   9:00 a.m. - Mass

   6:00 p.m. - Adoration

St. Therese - Clinton


   4:15 - 4:45 p.m. - Penance Svc.

   5:00 p.m. - Vigil Mass


   11:00 a.m. - Mass


St. Joseph Catholic Church

3425 Andersonville Hwy TN61

P.O. Box 387

Norris, TN  37828

Office Hours:

Tues, Wed, Thur 8:30 - 12:30


Sundays 8:00 a.m. before Mass


Parish Council



Catholic Charities

Lost and Found


There are several items that have been left at the Church.  These items are on a table in the hall.  Please take a moment and see if anything is yours and take it home.

You can obtain a copy of In His Presence by going to this website http://response.osv.com/inhispresence


This FREE e-book is the perfect way for YOU to grow in this devotion and to help YOUR parishioners learn about:

  • What being in the presence of the Lord means

  • Why we adore the Lord

  • Ways we adore God                  

What St. Faustina learned in front of the Blessed Sacrament

St. Joseph Catholic Church

3425 Andersonville Highway (TN61)

P.O. Box 387

Norris, TN  37828

Office Hours:

Tues, Wed, Thur 8:30 - 12:30

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