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Our parish secretary, Marla Santadonato, had surgery on Wednesday and is recovering at home. Please continue to pray for healing for Marla.


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Announcements/Upcoming Events

Sunday, April 14, 11 of our children will make their first communion. Please stay for hospitality and to speak with the children.  There will be a display of your 1st Communion--no matter where you made it--photos; please add your photo to the display. Take some time to read the 75th timeline of St. Joseph Church as well.  Thank you to Judy Curtin for getting the timeline done! Lots of hours of love....

first communion.png


St. Joseph Catholic Church
3425 Andersonville Hwy, Andersonville TN


APRIL 28, 2024       3:30-7:30 PM
Vespers, Mingle, Dinner, Program

For tickets call & LEAVE A MESSAGE

       Someone will return your call.

Needed: photos of church activities and parishioners from all eras

scan and email to 

Anniversary Celebration!

We need everyone to sign up for the 75th Anniversary Celebration on April 28 at 3:30 PM. The CATERER needs to know how many are coming. Several "noted" celebrities plan to attend so you are needed. You are all celebrities as well! If you have any special problems regarding attending, please see/call Deacon Dan or Sally.


75th Anniversary Celebration on April 28 will have activities for kids. One is to bring a painted rock to form a rock garden. Each child should bring one rock with whatever they wish to paint on it (crosses, St. Joseph, items from Creation, etc.) and sign their rock for the 100th celebration.


St. Joseph - Norris


   9:00 a.m. - Mass

Confessions after Mass Every Sunday


Sundays 8:35 a.m. before Mass


   9 a.m. - Mass


 9 a.m. - Mass

St. Therese - Clinton


   9:00 a.m. - Mass


   9:00 a.m. - Communion Service

   9:30 - 10:30 a.m. - Adoration


   11:00 a.m. - Mass

Thank you to the 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee

The 75th Anniversary Celebration has worked very hard to make April meaningful and memorable for young and all the rest of us. The committee is composed of Karen Thompson, Chair; Judy Curtin, Susan Baker, Kathy Ferowich and Margaret Donaldson. There are several more helpers. Now it is up to the rest of us to join the celebration with gusto! 

Eastertide Invitation


during these holy days choose a personal retreat with Jesus

from The Secret Place


"A Meditative Journey for Holy Week and Beyond"

TSPExpress11.pdf (


"Passion's Release and Return"

TSPExpress20.pdf (


"Songs of Ascent”

TSPExpress18.pdf (

Read a
"Plea For Mercy"
by Lucy Brown

Traveling over the holidays?  Here's a link to Masses at your vacation destination!

Euch Congress.jpg

The Chosen 



Alone or in a crowd. Three full seasons are now available ...


“The Chosen is based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Some locations and timelines have been combined or condensed. Backstories and some characters or dialogue have been added. However, all biblical and historical context and any artistic imagination are designed to support the truth and intention of the Scriptures. Viewers are encouraged to read the gospels. The original names, locations and phrases have been transliterated into English for anything spoken.” (Angel Studios on-screen disclaimer before the start of Season One, Episode One)

Check it out: The Chosen website

The Spiritual Life Committee is sponsoring the

Spiritual Life

St Joseph Small Faith Community Scripture Studies

All are invited to join our Scripture Studies!

No Regrets (The Dynamic Catholic Institute):  Meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the social hall.  Contact Judy Curtin if you are interested.

This Is My Body: A Call to Eucharistic Revival (Word On Fire):  Meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 1:00 p.m.  Email Kathy Morin or call 865-230-1390.

Inquires may contact the office at 865-494-7746

For further information on Home-Based Spiritual Growth, click the link below:

"Online Opportunities for Personal Spiritual Growth and Encouragement Wherever You Are"

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