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School Re-Opening!

We have had some loss and illness that has affected members of our congregation and for this we ask for prayer.


Karen Moss’s mother, Gerri Stringfellow, needs prayer for healing and strength.


Please pray for Jackie and Paul Ferguson’s family as Paul’s brother, Robert Marshall Ferguson has passed away. Pray for the repose of Robert’s soul.


Pray for the repose of soul of John Froning’s sister Virginia Stephenson. Also, pray for peace for the entire Froning family.

Prayers and announcements...

Bishop Richard F. Stika and Dr. Sedonna Prater, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Knoxville, have announced a return to on-site learning at all 10 Catholic schools in the diocese for the 2020-21 academic year, which will begin on Monday, Aug. 3.

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Grace and blessings,


Spiritual Life Inspirations

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

"St. Michael the Archangel Defend Us In Battle."

On Oct. 1, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a deeply disturbing mystical experience at Mass. For perhaps 10 minutes he stood there as if in a trance, his face drained of color. Then he went to his office and composed a prayer to St. Michael. He explained that he had heard two voices in the vicinity of the tabernacle. He believed they were the voices of Our Lord and of Satan. Pope Leo heard Satan boast that he could destroy the Church in 75 or 100 years, if given the opportunity. Then he heard Our Lord give Satan permission to try.




During the past few weeks, we have been able to take several loads of books for trade at McKay Used Book Store in Knoxville.  Their rules are two boxes per vehicle so it required multiple trips.  This had made some space available in the book corner storage area and we have a small fund to purchase needed books there when we reopen.   We were hoping to be able to start accepted limited donations soon.


Unfortunately, with the rise of covid19 cases in Norris, Anderson County, and Knox County, this plan has been put on hold.  We will re-evaluate monthly and keep you posted with updates.  


The goal when we are able to accept donations again is to control the volume so I'm not overwhelmed and we don't create a fire hazard with books piled high.  To manage the large amount of donations we are expecting, we will ask for drop offs to be done by last name alphabetically.   For example, on week one donors with last names A-D could drop off books, then week two E-I, etc.  Then we may skip a week to allow for catch up with processing and trading in at McKay as needed.  A full schedule will be published when we are able to accept donations.


If you would like to take your books directly to McKay's Used Book Store and donate the store credit to the Book Corner, you are welcome to do so and it would be greatly appreciated.  Just drop off or mail the credit ticket to Norris Area Food Pantry Book Corner, c/o Norris United Methodist Church, PO Box 327, Norris, TN 37828.


Offering for July 26th was $2,621.00


You may now participate in Mass being streamed from St Joseph at 9am or St Therese at 11am .

Birthdays this week: 

Charley McDonald

Mary Foster,

Ian Berry

Bradley Williams






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St. Therese - Clinton

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